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Why homeschooling is not a new concept!

📣📣 how did people educate their kids for thousands of years?

❤️❤️Back in the day. People worked and lived together in a farm in a community.

They learned each other's skills.

They Apprenticed under each other. they were passing down the traditions of culture.

And for them there wasn't “Now I'm going to go do this and then you guys can just stare at a wall…”

that wasn't in their culture.

It was the culture of “come along, learn how to garden, learn how to do this, learn how to help the Sheep, learn how to make butter, talk with Grandma over cutting the Beans..,”

And so it was always this mindset of “as you're going through your life-Let's talk it through.”

And that's what I do.

As I'm in the car, Let's talk about life.

What does this mean?

What does this sign mean?

What's the history of our town?

As I'm going through my day- I'm just explaining things about life.

This is a non-traditional way of putting it-But like that's that's how people educated their kids  for thousands of years. So it's really not a New Concept.

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💪Christal is a former teacher with a M.Ed and loves sharing her tips and adventures after 10+ years of homeschooling!

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