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10 homeschool youtube channels for elementary age children

here are some YouTube channels that offer educational content tailored specifically for elementary school children:

  1. CrashCourse Kids: This channel provides engaging educational videos on a variety of subjects including science, engineering, history, and more. The content is designed for elementary-aged children and presented in an entertaining and informative manner.

  1. Kids Learning Tube: Kids Learning Tube offers fun and catchy educational songs and videos covering topics such as geography, math, science, and language arts. The colorful animations and upbeat music make learning enjoyable for young learners.

  1. SciShow Kids: SciShow Kids explores fascinating science concepts through entertaining videos and experiments. From learning about animals and ecosystems to exploring the wonders of space, this channel makes science fun and accessible for elementary school children.

  1. StoryBots: StoryBots features a variety of educational videos, songs, and interactive activities designed to teach young children about letters, numbers, shapes, and more. The charming characters and engaging content make learning exciting and memorable.

  1. National Geographic Kids: National Geographic Kids offers a wealth of educational videos exploring topics such as animals, nature, geography, and history. With stunning visuals and informative narration, this channel inspires curiosity and a love for learning in young viewers.

  1. PBS Kids: PBS Kids features a wide range of educational videos and games based on popular children's shows like "Wild Kratts," "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood," and "Curious George." The content covers various subjects including science, math, literacy, and social-emotional learning.

  1. Free School: Free School provides educational videos on subjects like science, history, literature, and art, tailored specifically for elementary school students. The content is informative, engaging, and presented in a kid-friendly format.

  1. Art for Kids Hub: Art for Kids Hub offers step-by-step drawing tutorials that are perfect for elementary-aged children. From animals and characters to seasonal themes and holidays, this channel encourages creativity and artistic expression.

  1. Mystery Doug: Mystery Doug presents short, engaging videos that answer curious questions about science and the world around us. With topics ranging from why we yawn to how rainbows are formed, this channel sparks curiosity and critical thinking in young minds.

  1. The Brain Scoop: The Brain Scoop is hosted by Emily Graslie and offers educational videos about natural history, biology, and conservation. While some content may be more suitable for older children, many videos are engaging and informative for elementary-aged viewers.

These YouTube channels provide valuable educational content that is both entertaining and informative, making them excellent resources for elementary school children who are homeschooling or simply looking to expand their knowledge outside of the classroom.

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