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Feel like your kids are “behind” -listen to this!

Feel like your kid is "behind."

I can attest to this.

I never was good at school and I struggled in school. I struggled in just basic classes. I got a 1032 on my SAT.

I thought I can't even go to college (I ended up getting my masters in education and became a teacher.)

After that, ten years after that, run successful businesses.

My kids didn't put together the pieces of reading until third grade. And I think I'm a failure because I'm a former teacher.

They have literally exponentially got that skill and now they're reading like voracious readers. I can be in a library. For five hours and they just read books the whole time.

There is no "behind"

"standards" are made up.

You don't go to some 30 year old and say, "you're behind in life." That's not real guys.

everybody is on their own time line that has different skills and abilities.

It's all gonna pan out in the end.

just love your kids.

if they graduate with the love of lifetime learning with confidence, You've Won, that's it.

That's the "standard"

stop telling people that their kids are behind

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