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How to Homeschool in a Tiny Space on the Cheap!

First of all, read my first blog post about my homeschooling journey and other tips and tricks: go to this blog post:

Second of all, We live in a small little town home with a small back yard! How do you homeschool and create a learning enviornment in that?

Here are some of the tips I use. (sorry that all the photos aren't the best quality. I don't always have time to pull out our nice camera!)

1. We try to utilize the space with as much information as possible! We have everything from a weather station, to numbers, to ABC's to the calendar!

Here is our chart to keep us focused on what we need to do! Alot of the things we use are from the dollar tree or Free from Home Depot (the little paint chips)

Here is our calendar that we try to do every week! (I got it from Amazon for 15.00) All the charts we use, I try to make reusable or able to be versitle. I got most of my blue pocket boards online. I found the orage corkboard in the trash and then I spray painted it to make it look nice.

Here is our weather station. My daughter loves to "dress up" the little girl on the bottom with the right clothes. We also make a pie chart of the weather for the whole month. I used the tops of old cottage cheese containers for the little "thermometers." The spinner I got at the dollar tree. The little weather pictures I printed off line.

the little clipboard at the bottom with the clothespins in our behaivor board. We have to earn TV time and other prizes from the prize bucket.

2. We do a lot of different things around the house for learning! I have my kids clean my house for me (with me there of course). I think it's important to learn that we are a family working together for a common goal and that we have to earn everything. We even have to earn screen time by doing our work and chores!

We collect dress up stuff from local thrift store and even create our own dress up stuff from random craft supplies!

We do crafts with simple objects from the dollar tree!

We hand made a clay snow man out of DIY clay from flour! Another idea from PINTEREST

Here are using construction paper from the dollar tree, paper plates from the dollar tree and dried beans and macaroni (all very cheap) to make patterns.

Here is my son painting in the kitchen. Don't worry, it's washable!

3. We use A LOT of online free resources: I saw this celery heart painting idea on Pinterest (one of my main sources of learning!) You can follow my boards here or follow my username: Chicamarsh1

I also teach my children using YOUTUBE videos that are free. We have an entire Spanish learning playlist with over 40 videos of teaching and singing. See it here:

Youtube is also a great resource to do some free activities and science experiments.

Me and my daughter dance to FREE aerobic kids dancing videos on you tube. See the playlist here:

We decorate our door for every season. Not only does it take time, but we can talk about each holiday!

You can just google coloring pages and worksheets that you can print off at home.

4. We use alot of cheap curriculum. here is my daughter doing a leap frog workbook that we got at Barnes and noble for 12.00. Curriculum can BE SO expensive! Like thousands of dollars! So I had to come up with some good ideas on the cheap!

We also use this book from amazon for all of our daily lesson planning. I got mine used for over 12.00. This series goes until 6th grade!

5. We go to several FREE or cheap education things around the city. The HOME Depot and the Lowes in our town does a free building day once a month. The local library is a great place to get books and do the free reading times.

The local Barnes and Noble might have a reading and craft time.

Local parks and recreation places are a great places to take a class and do cheap things.

We even belong to the local YMCA. Because I am a stay-at-home-mom and my husband is a pastor, we get our membership for a very good rate (like cheaper than half!) So look into that!

6. We are not afraid of mess! and getting dirty Here is my daughter trashing my house (an every day thing!)

Sometimes learning is a messy process!

Instead of doing a lot of Christmas presents this year, we invested in a swing set for the kids for the back yard! That way we can always be outside!

Happy Homeschooling!

Christal Marshall

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