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On being a homeschool trad wife- traditional wife and my plans for the future

I'm a graphic designer. I run people's virtual stuff.

I'm a social media manager. I take video.

I'm A content creator.

So I have a lot of skills and all of those thingsI have, you know.

earned and built from the ground up

me and my husband also Run 2 businesses married together.

And so God forbid.

This is this is like worst-case scenario. God forbid.

that if my husband is not who he says he is and something or something happens to him that he can't work.

This is like how practical I'm getting down to.

Okay, um, I can go full-time in my business.

I can have my properties.

I can sell equipment I can rent out my house for Airbnb.

I can rent out my backyard for Airbnb.

I can um, I have all these business ideas.

We have 2 or 3 cabins that we've built in the backyard that maybe we can Airbnb those out we can make the backyard a wedding venue and… I forgot to mention that my master's degreein education.

So if I needed to start my own private school orpreschool in my home or watch people's kids or start my own camp or whatever Consulting I have that too

I have stuff For for days I can think of ideas.

If not, worst case -worst case We sell all the properties and I go back and I live with my parents.

or I go back live with my brother

or ,we rent all of our properties out that we currently own right now and that's a passive income stream and I figure out another living situation

or I do a partnership with another mom or something

like that is how real that I am thinking because I wish - I wish.

Some 40 /50 year old would have set me aside in college and be like,hey, I know you know you're meeting somebody (cause we met in college)  me and my husband and I justwant to let you know- The cost of daycare , cost of private school is going to be really expensive.

You need to have a plan B and I had to Pivot

I had to learn I had to get down.

I had to really figure out how to educate myself

how to do all this stuff

but it it's been 13  years of learning and eating Ramen and living in people's basements and renting attics and co--sharing house,

you know living situations so that we could do this.

, and it was hard and it was very taxing and it was a lot of pressure on our marriage.

thank God-We're we're so married and we have a great relationship.

But I'm I'm just letting you all know as a 40 year old-With all the things that I've experienced if you’re a young woman wanting to get married have a-plan for the future have discussions like this.

So we're sitting down we're doing budgets together.

We're doing plans together.

We're doing co-parenting goals together ,you know, he's taking 1 of my sons right now to the job site so he can help me co-parent.

I helped him other other ways.

So we're in a partnership.

This is the kind of language you need to have withyour partner. This is the kind of like,

let's get down to business to defeat the Huns mentality that you need to have with your partner.

If you're not going to have those conversationsand your partner's like red flag like red flag just say no say no no means no, okay.

So stand up for yourself have a plan have a future.

You can still be a traditional life because you know in daycare, there's no joke expensive,but you need to have a plan ladies.

I'm letting you know have a plan have skill sets.

Okay, you'll thank me later. Bye.

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