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One of my favorite math-based boardgames that teaches, counting, money, entrepreneurship, building, wealth and more- machi koro - homeschool board games

Home school mom here and I use board games a lot. Probably every day.

We're playing a board game because not only does it teach:

sitting down
listening to instructions
working as a team

all of the things

This is 1 of my favorite games.

I want to share with you is Machi Koro I know it sounds kind of weird probably haven't ever heard of it, but I love it.

We've probably played it a hundred times

you build your town- you build your little city.

You need to be the first 1 to build your town before everybody else does

so how it work?

you set up your game.

You have a little cards that you flip to buy resources

for Littles it teaches:

passive income
Building Wealth
-all of those things.

So if you want more homeschool resources, I would love for you to follow me.

I've been doing it for over 10 years and keep learning fun. .

📣📣Check out one of our favorite board games @idwgames and #machikoroboardgame #machikoro to build a town, learn math, counting money, passive income and more!

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