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Stop buying pencils for your kids for back-to-school homeschool mom pro tips

Home school mom, Pro tip here.

If you have kids that is hard for them to write- pencils smudge, and break and tips break and mechanical pencils snap all the time.  And writing  is frustration level for them - to want to write or physically or write with any tools.

I've been there.

My kids have always had cried over smudging, or the texture- something has a not clicked in their brain and it's made writing very frustrating.

When I found these or erasable pens, they go on super smooth, no smudging.

It has created an entirely new world for them.-Wanting to draw wanting to write -getting these FriXion by Pilot erasable pens.

I've tried a lot of different pins on Amazon. These are my favorite.

They write well, they erase super clean.

This  is a trick for you of parents with kids, that need some extra accommodations.

This is a very, very cool tool. Simple thing you can throw in your bag. I think I got this whole pack for like 15 bucks on Amazon.

It lasts, probably like a couple months and then we reorder. So we're reordering these every couple months.

It's part of our homeschool kit Arsenal and highly recommend for all sorts of Cool Math, English. Whatever you can color code stuff, very useful.

👏Hello! I’m Christal Marshall homeschool Mama of three!

📕we have been doing homeschooling for ten plus years and I left being a public school teacher with a M.Ed. to do so!

❤️Now our family is full time self-employed artists and creators!

💡We would love for you to hop on website for more info and free resources!

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