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Stop telling young people that they need straight A’s and good grades to be “successful” in life

❤️Can we stop telling young people that they need to have a certain amount of grades and go to a certain college to be “successful?”

Success is so arbitrary.

Just as long as you can provide for yourself and that you're happy doing what you love, that is true “success.”

And I am just so burdened with this generation that is stressed out about grades and about being in a certain program- or being in an AP program.

Life is too short.

Just love life.

Take Adventures.

Take Journeys.

Go see the world.

That is where the real success and happiness lies.

I know a lot of people are going to comment: “What about paying the bills?”

Well, me and my husband are full-time self-employed artists.

So, you know what it can be done!

Yes, It was hard.

And yes, we were starving artists for many years, but we pushed through.

We just loved every single minute that we get to do.

This is something that I just want to encourage this generation in.

Follow your passions.

Don't worry about doing all these grades and whatever.

It’s just a season.

it will pass.

But the the true love and life that you bring to yourself and your family.

That's what matters.

📚📚Hello! I’m Christal Marshall homeschool Mama of three!

📕been doing homeschooling it for ten plus years.

We would love for you to hop on website for more info and free resources!

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