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Subjects we need to teach our kids in 2023, homeschool edition

Subject that we need to cover with kids In 2023:

Situational awareness.

We need to make sure that our kids know and kind of Judge situations to see if it's something that they want to go do.

Maybe it’s a person that they want to go talk to. maybe this is a person that they're feeling icky about.

That's good situational awareness.

I read this article about this kid who was on a bus and everybody else is on their phones. ( And the kid that didn't have the phone saw that the bus driver of the public school bus was having a heart attack and was able to stop the moving bus with the break at 11 years old.

He was able to put the bus safely on the side of the road, call 911 and save the lives of all of those kids on the bus because he had situational awareness.

The dad on the news said, I teach my son how to handle emergency situations and what to do. These those are the kind of kids that we need in this world.

We need to  teach our kids to have discernment and to know what's funny and what's not funny.  Calling and  texting 911- for example. in Florida, a court case is happening now because a young person that it would be a good prank to text or call 911 as a joke for fun. ( )

No, I taught my kids today. No, we cannot use up good taxpayer money to handle a prank situation - this is never okay.

We need to be able to teach these kids these things because they're not going to be teaching them in the school system.

We as parents are going to have to sit down and really share with our kids life lessons like this.

And as a homeschool Mom, this is part of my curriculum-situational awareness-getting to know people,boundaries, relationships, how to handle money, good choices.

Those and many others are all in my curriculum that I am teaching my kids.

So if you have any other cool curriculum, things that you are teaching your kids in 2023.- I would love to hear it below and how you handle all of these messy situations. Would love to hear what you guys do.

🗣️What subjects do you teach at home with your kids?

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