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What kids really need- homeschooling and work-life balance while owning businesses

Guys, I was up early at 5 getting my walk in my morning, walk in my morning, social media time for my clients and for our businesses. And I was just thinking how if you don't have the discipline to, to sustain a lot of these things that you're doing as a business owner, there's no way that you can continue on and do it for the long haul. Which is why most people get discouraged in the first two years, three years, four years, five years, six years. I've been doing this for 12 years. I have to create systems boundaries and disciplines so that I know what's coming up. “What's this, what's that?” “Let me get up, let me do this.” “Let me post for this and it's sustainable for me because I've made it just a lifestyle of getting up going to the gym.” Getting my social media done for the day. Checking my email, whatever. So that, I've everything in a row, I'm ordering my day. So, by the time that I get home at 8:00 in the morning by the time that I get home. I have a homeschool day with my kids and that is protected time and I put my phone on “do not disturb” most of the time and working with them spending one-on-one time with them doing a field trip with them. That way, I have everything in a row. That is how we can have a work-life balance that is how I can sustain my personal mentality, my personal energy level, which is everything in my day, Is hinged on how my personal mentality and personal, and physical emotions can take it. I have to manage emotions 24/7 while I’m homeschooling kids, that is literally what I do. I hear all the time “I could never do it. It's hard.” Okay, I'm not gonna lie. It's super hard, but 90% of my day I am managing emotions. I am school counselor. I am saying “how did it feel when he did this?” “Role play about that.” “Let's go back.” “What would have been a better choice?” I mean, this is ninety percent of my day. I'm having to manage a lot of people's emotions, energy levels, making sure all the kids are eating, making sure they have times to eat to remember to eat. We have certain alarms at go off. So we all remember to eat, we all remember to drink, we all stay hydrated. That is such a huge part, the energy level, the mentor, and mental energy, that goes into all of these things, and I want them most importantly to know. Beyond academic stuff, beyond all of these other things. If your mental strength, isn't there, if your physical strength is in there, you ain't learning, nothing. You ain't working with anybody because you have to be on it. You have to be sharpened, you have to be disciplined. And I feel like if I could teach my kids, only a few things in this life, That they're loved how to love others. How to treat other people. Boom. Huge, huge, huge, huge! How their creativity and discipline fits into that, how they can use their skill sets to help others, how they can solve a problem. Everything else is gravy! Academics- knowing when this person came here and conquered this and did this, and dates and memorizing, that is not going to sustain them in their life. What's going to sustain them in their life is how they treat other people, how they can problem solve, how they move and and roll with the punches in life. How they can have a lifestyle of Wellness, mental Wellness, mental energy, physical energy, other than that, is gravy, man. It’s like, if I get through the day and my kids felt loved, they felt listened to, they felt appreciated-We did some kind of building time-We did some type of nature connection with nature time. We did some type of Reading time because obviously books- I mean knowledge is forever, like be a lifelong learner. Be a lifelong reader- like go to bookstores. Like we go to Barnes & Noble least twice a week. Three times a week- we're at some kind of Library. So at least four or five times a week, we're around Books. Okay. Literacy is top tier for me because that is one of the major top five factors of kids-Success rate is just being around literature- being around books, having books in the home. We just we go- We have books in the home. We literally just have books everywhere- bookshelves everywhere. Having some type of music time and some type of singing time as a family, some type of playing instruments, or having music or singing. Doing some kind of board game every day. If I do board game time book time some type of learning situation with their curriculum doesn't have to be super heavy. If we do cooking time, if we do chore time, life skills connection with nature time and some type of me and counseling session with them- that we talk about issues, we talk about our problems, we talk about how we feel, we talk about, “I'm stressed out, Today,” whatever. I'm telling you those are what kids need They that's what they need. When they graduate from your home, when they graduate from what they do, and they don't feel loved. And they don't feel like they had some kind of connection to a story their part in the story of life in the story of, where do they fit in the story? Where did they fit with their gifts and talents in the story? Where did they fit In their society, where do they fit in helping others and their role in building others up spreading their light. Like, whatever their role is, I'm telling you. This is why kids just are so broken. Oh my goodness, there's so broken and that's why I have such a passion to teach to to educate and to help and Mentor- because we just need all of the people, all the adults to just grab hold of a young person and teach them those things that really matter in life.

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