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Are you a tired mom? How do you keep sustained energy as a busy homeschool mom- parenting tips - nutrition, fuel your body hacks

Hey, are you a mom? A get busy mom?

Are you running around all over the place?

Do you seem to have very very low energy?

I'm going to let you know true life hack here.

I'm not trying to sell any products.

This is real life real talk.

So being a homeschool mom for the past 13 years,I have noticed that if I am low on energy my blood sugar is low-Therefore I have less patience and I am more apt to to over stimulation.

Therefore, I tend to raise my voice…

obviously these are not good parenting things.

So, how can I be a better parent?

I need to feed my body.

I need to fuel my body.

So I started tracking my calories and my energy intake water intake using, apps on the App Store.  You can track your calorie & energy level.  I have noticed that just by me doing regular mom stuff not even exercising or working out as an actual habit-If I'm just doing regular mom stuff-I'm burning 1600 calories a day. I’m just walking up and down the stairs- vacuuming- all this stuff.

Therefore. I need to have good energy In my body. So I'm eating a veggie omelette with avocado.

I am not doing energy drinks.

I'm not doing fast food.

I'm not doing Starbucks.

I'm not doing

sodas to keep awake or any of these other things.

I'm literally doing just good home-cooked meals. Nothing fancy- food that  anybody can get at a regular food lion.

Here are some ideas: protein yogurt with adding peanut butter and  walnuts to it.

I’m eating very basic food choices.

I'm doing apples and bananas during the daytime to keep my energy level.

I have a  protein drink you can get from Kroger.

This is a life hack that I've had to track and monitor -  knowing that I want to be a better parent when I have more energy and more patience from my kids.

Don't be doing all those energy drinks and Starbucks.

Just fuel your body, track what you need and guess what?

I guarantee you you'll be a better and more patient parent.

All right follow for more home school and parenting tips.

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