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Common misconception: homeschooling will make your kids socially awkward or weird- myth debunked

Let me just address this common misconception about homeschoolers that they're socially awkward.

That they don't know how to talk to people.

Probably number one, top comment that  I get.

After ten plus years I've been doing this, working with a lot of kids from all over the local area, running a microschool out of my home and working with emergency child care with a lot of people being pulled out of Public Schools-Home schoolers are not the problem.

If your kids are mentored and  coached on how to deal with social situations- coached and how to address people, how to look people in the eye, how to be confident, how to be self assured and how to public speak, they're going to be great in life.

And don't ever, let anyone tell you that homeschool kids are going to be awkward -that your kids are going to be “behind” -that your kids are going to lose out or miss out because that is false.

And that is a myth.

We are living richer lives.

We travel five to seven weeks out of the year.

We are self-employed.

Our kids are very confident, they love learning- they’re bookworms.

We let life be our teachers.

And so I'm telling you for those that don't home school or don't know anything about homeschooling- or never had a good experience-I am so So sorry.

True Education in the home is Rich, it's beautiful, its life-giving, it's building relationships with one another, it’s helping tge community, it’s making your mark on this world and being kind humans.

That is the goal!

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