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My homeschooling progression timeline

My timeline of at-home education

2007- graduated with my under grad in k-12 education with concentration in English, Spanish and history

2009- graduated with my Masters Degree in education and got a teaching license and one year experience teaching

2010- decide to be a stay-at home mom and taught my self graphic design, photography and social media marketing

2011- in-home educational daycare for my one child

2012- decided to preschool at home full time

2013-2015- second child born- continued at-home daycare/preschool /homeschool

2016-2022- third child born and now in full time homeschooling and owning several creative businesses

2023- microschool owner with up to 6 kids 2nd grade to 10th grade monday Friday at the house for science, PE, field trips, art and cooking



2024-beyond- who knows???

😎Welcome to our homeschool /microschool page!

💪Christal is a former teacher with a M.Ed and loves sharing her tips and adventures after 10+ years of homeschooling and now running a microschool for other kids at her home !

Want to know how to homeschool in VA?

💡We would love for you to hop on website for more info and free resources!

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