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Pros and cons about raising kids to be mostly screen free and a screen -obsessed world, my hot take, and homeschooling topics

For those that don't know I've been homeschooling for the past 10 plus years - I'm doing a hybrid model of doing some YouTube some educational apps, but most of them have probably 3 / 4 of my school day is old-fashioned 1995 craft kits,  painting

and we just have literally entire board game closets

closets full of books closets full of craft supplies workbooks coloring pages and entire backyard sheds filled with sporting equipments a basketball hoop.

I mean you name it.

We have the storage and our house is overflowing with stuff.

So I just want to let you know this is kind of a untalked about issue at homeschooling

if you choose to do a mostly screen-free childhood homeschooling hybrid or or just a totally screened free childhood with your kids just know that this is coming.

the piles -the creativity- the art

The messy floor

the stains on the couches

the fingerprints.

All the windows are smudged.

The backyard is a it looks like a hurricane came through constantly

you're having to to to sweep , clean,  mop and vacuum clean rooms

de-clutter on a weekly / daily basis

So if you're not ready to do all of this and I know people want to throw shade on the, screen parents- iPad parenting, but are you ready for this?

Are you ready to in literally have your house completely overtaken with creativity

with mess ?

with with board games Stacked high above the bookshelves

with going to the thrift stores on a consistent basis so that you can keep it fresh- Keep it new

have subscription boxes come to the house - we subscribe to Crunch labs and, kiwi crate and all these things

science experiments- tie-dye- we've done it

Are you willing to sacrifice your house, your life & your sanity?

just be very gracious to homeschooling parents that are trying to do a very retro vintage 1995 homeschooling/childhood model with their kids.

They are trying to be as screen-free or little as possible and creativity is the king in the house.

Just be aware because when you walk in the house and you say things or when you comment on people's houses online and you say things like oh “there's a mess.” “There's clutter.”

“ don't you guys clean the house?”

Just know that they're this is their childhood. This is what they're doing.

They're creating.

They're building.

They're learning.

They're painting

They’re swimming.

They're out in the slip and slide right now

throwing water bombs at each other

this is their childhood guys.

This is The beauty and mess and Chaos that comes with life

And so just be gracious to homeschool moms, keep learning fun.

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