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Raising the next generation of spouses and husbands - the top reason why women file for divorce

It brings me to tears whenever I read an article about the high divorce rates, and what the factors are for divorce in our country

I was surprised if find out that women are more likely than meant to file for divorce, and it’s usually over lack of emotional intelligence and lack of house, work life, balance, and sharing the load of the partnership in the home

which is why it’s the top priority for me to train my sons in life skills and give them opportunities to share about their emotions and handle conflict in real time



Welcome to our homeschool page!

💪Christal is a former teacher with a M.Ed and loves sharing her tips and adventures after 10+ years of homeschooling and now running a microschool for other kids at her home !

Want to know how to homeschool in VA?

💡We would love for you to hop on website for more info and free resources!

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