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What are your homeschooling goals

Something I want to share with you guys.

After ten plus years of homeschooling is what is your goal of your homeschool family?

Because after all these years, I would wonder why we get frustrated If my kids didn't fulfill certain academic checkboxes or why they weren't getting to certain academic milestones.

I would get internally frustrated, I would think I was a failure if my kid didn't read by a certain age.

So me changing my mindset maybe my goal is to just build a great relationship with my family.

And have my kids have a great relationship with me.

That is a more feasible goal for me to obtain.

So everything gets filtered through that lens.

Now, every discussion that we gave-every time we have a disagreement- I have this mentality of, “let's just build a great family, and a great relationship and everything else will pan out in the end.”

It’s been make or break-Just mind-blowing mindset shift.

So that is my little encouragement for you today.

If you're feeling discouraged about your kids aren't meeting academic Milestones to your standards-But yet you're having a great relationship and yet you're discussing things that are important to them. You're staying up late, discussing about things, you're talking through things.

You're saying words like, “Hey, we're on the same team.”

“ I'm here to coach him here to train You,”

“let's make sure we come to an agreement together”

and then you're building a good family.

To me I've had success in that area.

If they're feeling safe,loved, like their family is a good team unit, a good organization that they can help each other- that They are part of this team. That they're part of this Village Together-Part of this tribe.

Therefore, we can learn together, we can grow together, we can make mistakes together.

We can forgive.

If it is like, “hey, you haven't reached this Milestone and you haven't gone to this thing yet you're behind….”

Now, we have a mindset of fear.

Now, we have a mindset of “limited resources.”

“I get to have this and I know more than you…” and this is not the mindset that I want in my family.

I want my family 20 years from now hanging out with me.

We're doing stuff together with the grandkids. We can still talk together and that is the filter that I try to see everything through.

If this isn't building our family, if this isn't building a relationship- if this isn't something that Is worth fighting over- Probably not something that we need to keep rehashing.

Let this be anencouragement for you guys.

If you feeling discouraged, maybe change your mindset.

Change your lens.

Change your filter into something that is going to be a long-term goal versus a short-term frustration goal.

I would love to hear what you guys think in the comments.

Happy homeschooling.

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