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Cost calculator- how expensive is it to financially homeschool in Virginia and afford to be a stay at home mom? Homeschooling how to tips-price break down

🎉🎉If you are trying to homeschool your kids and see if you can be a stay-at-home mom.

This is the kind of math that you need to be doing to see if your salary is going to be worth putting them in daycare and preschool and private school and all of the things that go into it.

So we're going to do a price breakdown right now and this is the same math that I used in 2010 when I decided to be a stay-at-home mom sacrifice my teaching career to be a stay at home homeschool mom.

Let's go through it.

📚My average salary is being a teacher in public education is around 48,000 a year in the state of Virginia.

💰The average cost of daycare in Virginia is around 1200 a month per kid. Well, I have 3 kids so that means I'm paying annually 43,000 a year in daycare

🚌Let's Talk About Preschool costs because preschool is not usually free preschool is around the same price 1,200 a month per kid which means it's 43,000 a year for my kids to be in preschool.

✏️Let's talk about private school. It's around 39,000 a year from my 3 kids to be in private education

📍public education- I was doing research on this because it's not always free. It depends on the district some districts require you to do a bus fee, after school activity fee, science fee, computer fee,Chromebook fee- all these fees.

Okay. So let's break it down according to 1 of the articles I was reading, It's about 3,000 to 15,000 in Hidden fees ( PE uniforms, trips, school supplies, Chromebooks, whatever… ) Per kid per year.

🤯🤯Now if I'm working full time, that means I need to have an after school situation for my kids to be in because I won't be home until 6:00 or 7:00 at night -depending on my professional development requirements depending on my student teacher conferences.

🎉🎉So let's talk about price breakdown of after school care is around 10 to 30,000 a year for 3 kids for after school help.

✅✅So let's talk about homeschooling.

What does that cost for me?

I do apps- I do subscriptions to YouTube. I do educational apps, I go to the museums-I have Museum memberships

🤯🤯total cost for my kids to be at home with me homeschooling for 3 kids.

You want to guess?

A thousand dollars a year?

$2,000 a year?

✅✅it's around 2,000 and 3,000 a year.

We are doing DIY- YouTube,  Dollar Tree books -Barnes & Noble books

🎉🎉 in the state of Virginia-We don't have to have a required curriculum.

We can mix it up depending on what we can do financially- and that's what we've been doing for the last 10 plus years!

💰💰And that’s how I'm able to stay home and financially homeschool my kids.

If you have other ideas, questions, comments, concerns - want to know if you can homeschool- I would love for you to DM me and as always bring fun into learning again.

😎Welcome to our homeschool page!

💪Christal is a former teacher with a M.Ed and loves sharing her tips and adventures after 10+ years of homeschooling

✅Want to know how to homeschool in VA?

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