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Frequently heard comment on homeschooling: “homeschool kids are unprepared, unregulated and neglected” - my response as a former teacher

📣Let’s talk 📣

I had no idea that homeschooling my kids after being a former teacher would be so triggering online!

🌿 yes there are healthy ways to educate children in ANY environment (and unhealthy ways)

📣📣homeschooling was our choice due to lack of resources and money for preschool/daycare, and cost of private school

It also works better for our self-employed life, traveling and spending time as a family

❌no- we are not “shut off from the world”- we are in sports, games, community activities- yes we do sleepovers with friends/ play dates and read books/study cultures from around the world!

✅ yes- we talk about current issues and debate modern topics-

❌ we don’t choose to be completely unregulated- we fill out required paperwork and apply yearly and test to “pass” our basic knowledge exams for homeschooling laws in Virginia

❌ I would never say that public services and public schools aren’t necessary for our society - being a former teacher myself- I am so glad that we live in a country where free education is possible- but having my degree in education- and can create custom learning plans for all my children on their individual level-

📣📣any other former teachers here?

So let’s follow each other if we are in agreement and you want to make make a friend!

😎Welcome to our homeschool page!

💪Christal is a former teacher with a M.Ed and loves sharing her tips and adventures after 10+ years of homeschooling and now running a microschool for other kids at her home !

Want to know how to homeschool in VA?

💡We would love for you to hop on website for more info and free resources!

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